Video Network Token

Video Network Token

An ICO from existing entertainment companies that have generated $350mm for all parties for the global multi-platform distribution of content.

Global IMAX format film studio K2 Studios and Millennial focused TV channel Havoc Television have partnered with Hollywood movie rental platform and video tech company Muvi Now to introduce a blockchain token to revolutionize the global video market, which is projected to grow from $761 billion today to $842 billion by 2022.

Token Benefits

– Discounted content access
– Fair tracking & payment
– Viewer rewards
– Increased efficiency


Video Network Token

Get 10% Discount

The hard cap sales price is $0.12 per token, but you can buy your tokens with an additional 10% discount to the public price – ONLY via this link.
To receive your 10% discount, you must invest $5,000 or more:
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How to get 10% Discount

1: Send us a contact request