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Video Network Token


We are starting the evolution

Introducing the blockchain token to revolutionize the global video market - from the owners of existing entertainment companies that have already generated over $350mm for all parties from multi-platform distribution of content worldwide.

Aquaman is an example of a film available for rental on Muvinow.
VNT is not affiliated with Warner Brothers.

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Not available to U.S. citizens

Brought to You by Established Entertainment Companies

Havoc Television

Global TV Network

55 MM US TV Homes
120 TV operators US + Global

Havoc Television, a cable TV channel and VOD service carried in 55mm TV subscriber homes US and worldwide including over 100 cable operators like Comcast, Cox, Charter, Verizon, etc and with a satellite feed over Europe.

K2 Studios

IMAX® Format Studio

$50+ MM Sponsor Funding
800 million impressions pr. release

The world’s leading producer of IMAX format documentary films. Each IMAX film release generates up to 800 million impressions globally including film viewers and marketing.


Hollywood Movie Streaming Platform

Offering top studio films, with the right to accept alternate payment methods including crypto

The first integration of VNT will be with the Muvinow Hollywood movie rental site which will serve as proof of concept. Muvinow is live and functional and working on marketing partnerships. Havoc and K2 will market Muvinow once VNT is integrated.


Technical Platform

Certified content preparation for top platforms reaching hundreds of millions of users

Mojo prepares and distributes content to the world’s top digital platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Comcast, Vudu, XBOX and more.

Introducing the blockchain token to revolutionize the global video market - projected to grow from $761 billion today to $842 billion by 2022

Why Invest?

More Than Just Another Netflix

Muvinow offers Hollywood movies for rental much sooner, well before the Netflix “window” occurs.  And Muvinow will incorporate special premium content not found on Netflix like the world’s largest library of IMAX format films, which are the world’s highest visual quality films.

Muvinow will provide VNT with tangible value to access premium content in the near future.  And its unique technology platform will ultimately be white labeled so other video providers and content owners around the world can offer their users all the benefits of VNT, as well.

Attractive Payment Alternatives

The Muvinow platform has been built to offer alternative payment methods in addition to fiat including things like airline miles, credit card rewards points, and mobile phone credits initially purchased in cash- making it an attractive destination for people with these types of credits to consume premium content.  And, Muvinow partners can market the fact their customers can redeem their rewards to watch movies. Adding acceptance of VNT will offer even more user benefits.

Engaged User & Content Owner Benefits

Video platform users paying with VNT will receive discounts, and will be able to earn VNT for loyalty, sharing to bring other users, giving input that helps with curation, engaging with sponsors, etc.

As the platform evolves, VNT can enable transparent tracking and automatic payment for content owners worldwide, creating a better system for managing one of the most challenging parts of the entertainment business.

Path to Scale

VNT’s technology enabling payment acceptance, and user engagement rewards will be white labeled for use on many platforms worldwide.

And the Muvinow video platform itself will be white labeled for other video providers and content owners to use and market.

VNT’s mission is to create better ways for users to be rewarded for their engagement, and for platform providers and content owners to more seamlessly manage tracking and payment, and then to share these enhanced solutions with the world. 

This can also create a virtuous cycle attracting VNT holders to new VNT enabled platforms, and adding value and options to engaged users who earn VNT and can use it in many places.

Is live and fully functional, offering access to major Hollywood movies.

We are planning to implement usage of the VNT token for movie rentals and purchases by Q3 and once functional will pursue exchange listing and possible IEO to further advance the project.

K2 plans to add films from the world’s largest IMAX format film library to the platform in 2020, including the world’s best quality 4k content originally captured in equivalent 14k resolution.

VNT’s ultimate mission is to white label the Muvinow platform and features so that other video providers and content owners around the world can offer their users all the benefits of VNT as well.

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Join the Evolution and
get a 10% Discount

The token sale is LIVE now!

The hard cap sales price is $0.12 per token, but you can buy your tokens with an additional 10% discount to the public price.
To receive your 10% discount, you must invest $5,000 or more. Contact us via the button below, quoting the discount code: icosofa

Not available to U.S. citizens

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This presentation regarding Video Network Token Inc, K2 Communications Corp (DBA K2 Studios) and Havoc Television, Inc, California corporations (“Companies”) – and any media embedded herein or materials provided herewith, including video media is intended solely for purposes of review, and evaluation.

The execution of the plan referenced herein is dependent on several factors and risks outside the control of Video Network Token Inc, K2 and Havoc.  Nothing in this presentation should be construed as a guarantee or representation that all elements of the plan will be successfully executed.  Due to any reason, including market conditions, unforeseen technical challenges, adverse market conditions or other reasons Video Network Token Inc may change its plan and course of action.

This presentation is not intended in any way to be a complete statement about the Companies and does not constitute a legally binding offering or obligation. It is neither an offer nor a commitment and no legally binding obligations will be created, implied or inferred. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, it is the parties’ intent that no agreement shall exist among them.