Introduction to Virtual Rehab’s Chief Mind Technologist – Jean Speville

Introduction to the 2017 & 2018 Nominee for Innovators Under 35 Europe Awards by MIT Technology Review, Jean Speville, Virtual Rehab’s Chief Mind Technologist

Virtual Rehab Advisor Mr. Francois Normandeau Talks About Virtual Rehab

Virtual Rehab Advisor Mr. Francois Normandeau speaks about the importance of Virtual Rehab and the reasons why he joined the Advisory Board

Reclaiming Internet Privacy – The Privum Network

A decentralized network enabling anyone anywhere in the world to reclaim their privacy and Internet freedom without fear of disruption, surveillance or persecution. Secure, peer-to-peer incentivized network, built on blockchain, employing the most advanced cryptographic and stealth technologies.

Medica AI

Future of the healthcare blockchain

DBCWallet Explainer Video

The DBCWallet makes a complex process easy and intuitive. The DBCWallet is a browser extension that allows the user to store DBCCoins and use them on Using it you can buy Ether and DBCCoins and have them available to use in your account instantly. In doing so, eliminates the need for addresses, exchanges […]

DBC Smart Indexing Engine Explainer Video utilizes billions of records with hundreds of demographic, psychographic, firmographic and lifestyle attributes to find the exact information our customers require. Datablockchain will continue to acquire the world’s best data sets from trusted partners in order to provide the valuable data elements our customer need. Of-course all this data needs to be analyzed sorted […]