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Privum Introduction

Introducing the Privum Network. How to use PRV token and details about the ICO.

Interview with Dinis Guarda & JOINto

Dinis Guarda is interviewed about JOINto at the 2018 Crypto summit in Zurich.

What Makes Ternion Different

Valeria Cealic – Marketing & PR Lead talking about how Ternion differs on the market.

Explanation of Ternion Liquidity Fund

In this video you will have Rudolf Medvedev – the Founder & CEO of Ternion talking about Ternion Liquidity fund and why it is something that the market needs at the moment.

Lendo: London’s hottest Fintech startup

Lendo’s CEO David Honeyman explains the benefits of being a Lendo member and how Lendo will provide loans in Euros or sterling against cryptocurrency as collateral.

Introducing Mobi – Portuguese

A forma de consumir serviços básicos pelos aplicativos está prestes a mudar. Uma plataforma global para pedir serviços pelo App e ganhar recompensas de volta.

Introducing Mobi

The way to consume services applications is about to change. A global platform to request services by the App and earn rewards back.

Message from the Wanchain President

Wanchain is creating new distributed financial infrastructure. Cross-chain private smart contracts built on Wanchain will power the new digital economy.


Introducing JOINtoTRANSPORT Making peer to peer transportation simple. Transportation opportunities for seller and buyers.

JOINto – Introduction by the Founders

JOINto co-Founders sat down on the Sofa talking about the JOINto project