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Erkan Senil - icosofa.com

Erkan Senil

Co-Founder of C6 Advisors

Erkan has over 20 years of experience in the financial world as a Trader & Market Maker.

Financial markets, trading, information technologies, involvement in the development of electronic trading platforms, innovative ideas and solutions for the future of the financial industry have been his personal and professional passions for over 20 years.  He started his career in 1999 as Market Maker at Timberhill Europe / Interactive Brokers. He was the first in Europe to offer ETFs in electronic trading. He continued his career at at UBS Investment Bank in London. In recent years worked at Swissquote Bank where he led a team as Head of FX-Sales. His clients were Institutionals, Asset Managers, Banks and Brokers.

Given his specialized and in-depth  financial and technical knowledge he decided to use his experiences in these complex products purposefully to analyse and invest into Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain since the end of 2016.

Erkan has a Degree from the University of St.Gallen, and is based in his hometown Zug, Switzerland.


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