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PlayChip Investment Opportunities - icosofa.com

PlayChip Investment Opportunities

PlayChip Webinar

The only ICO with $430 million turnover and 1 million users

The PlayChip is the Universal Gaming Token in an operating business with over 1 million users on 8 platforms across more than 70 countries generating US$430m in turnover.

Join Group CEO Daniel Simic and Head of Blockchain Luke Lombe on Thursday 24th of January 2019 at 2pm GMT to discover how you can get involved in this last step before the token is listed on its first exchange.

Thursday 24th of January at 2pm (GMT)

Get 10% Discount

The hard cap sales price is $0.12 per token, but you can buy your tokens with an additional 10% discount to the public price – ONLY via this link.

To receive your 10% discount, you must invest $1,000 or more:

Discount Code: PYPC10

Step-By-Step Guide to Getting 10% Discount

1: Go to Virtual Trade (VT) Website

To obtain the discount on PlayChip visit https://www.virtualtrade.net/playchip.html

2: Register your Interest

Fill out the form at the bottom of the PlayChip page with your Name, Email ID, Contact no, Discount Code (Mentioned in ICO Sofa webpage) and how much you are willing to invest.

3: Receive a Call

You will receive a call from us to walk you through our simple registration process and answer any of your queries.

4: Open an Account in VT

After you have verified your account, you need to complete the registration process with your Contact details (Name, Phone No., Full Address, Email ID) and copy of your Passport/National ID needs to be uploaded.

5: Invest in PlayChip

Our Expert Agents will guide you through the step by step guide on the purchase process.

*Not applicable for US citizens