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Mobi facilitates your life to give you more time

Mobi is a blockchain platform for consumption of services with the power to revolutionize time, payment methods, ensure privacy and maintain security.
It integrates the day-to-day main tasks with the ease of making multiservices available in the same environment, where providers will receive in real time thousands of orders with payment through the Mobi token. Users will order the main routine services such as taxi, airfare, food, rent a room, laundry service, buy tickets etc. with the speed and convenience directly from the Movi App.
Mobi was inpired by the personal experience of all o us, users of online and mobile services, who are increasingly seeking to obtain practicality and speed in their negotiations.
Our experience led us to create a brand new blockchian-enabled platform to do simple e-commerce activities without sacrificing your time, then you can save your Money without the need to search for offers or providers available.
Made for users, the platform offers reliable transactions done daily with a simple and intuitive interface and biometric verification. Mobi allows secure login, identity verification and qualification of providers with many other applications and opportunities in the pipeline.
Mobi is global and you can buy and sell our currency via F2nex, our own Exchange, and Exchange for other currencies available.
Token name/ Ticker
All parties using the Mobi platform will use the Mobi Token to interact and transact in the large Mobi ecosystem. The Token Mobi is not just a coin, it is a data carrier and rules. Promotes Permission, Standardization and Propagation of Data, values and rules throughout the commercial network, as described below:
Plataforma and Token Type (e.g. Ethereum, ERC 20)
Price per token ( e.g. 1IBC = 0,01 ETH)
The requirements are as follows:
Create 8 billion tokens.
It will be 2crowdsale.
The first will be PRE ICO, which will last from 15 April to 05 May and 400 million tokens will be made available. Packets of 1000 tokens will be sold, each coin will cost $ 0.07.
In the second crowd-sale will be the ICO and will be marketed 3.600 billion tokens, distributed as follows: Packets of 100 tokens will be sold, each token will cost $ 0.26.
ETH, BIT, credit card, stripe and PayPal.
Token Mobi carries the permission rules that establish the appropriate visibility and access control rules for the network – whether individual, team, organization or between enterprises. Token Mobi thus ensures that only authorized parties access confidential data.
And restrictions in who can participate?
Operations in a business network start by ensuring that all users have access to the right data (shared) and provides the security that the data is verifiable, consistent, and immutable.
Countries of Operation
Brazil, EUA, Russia, India, South Korea

The People

Fares Lakis
CEO e Lead Blockchain

Postgraduate in criminal proficiency.
Businessman in the automobile business. Founder of MEDIALCONSULTA.
Partner owner of SUPERCARCONSULTING www.supercarconsulting.com.br.
Investor in CRIPTOMOEDAS and CEO of F2Nex.

Nanderia Lemos
CCO Leader Team CTO

She began her career in 1999, undertaking with her first company of disposable diapers and since then is always in search of personal and professional growth. She went through the financial area, from 2005 to 2009, as financial director of Casacred. Then she founded Webcria, a company in which she is CEO. Flipgo’s MVP started in 2015 and today is the company’s flagship product with more than 100,000 active users. At the end of 2017, she began investing in crypto-coins and plunged headlong into this new world. In 2018, in partnership with its partners founded her newest passion: F2Nex.

Fellipe Leite
CSO and P&D leader

Entrepreneur, businessman and investor. Graduated in law and data processing. Network and IT manager having worked in the ​​IT area in front of large agribusiness companies. A lover of technology and passionate about revolutionary ideas.

Mario Cesar
CDO and Chief Diversity Officer

Businessman, investor, speaker and pastor of a Christian church. He acts as manager of subjects for diversity at F2Nex and is an opinion former. He has always been present in new releases, is bold in terms of technologies.

José Rafael Barros
CMO and Chief Marketing Officer

Started his carreer as a designer in 1994. In his professional journey, worked in publicity agencies, publishers and Educational Institutions. Since then, he’s sought constant specialization, not only because of the market demand, but because of his own need. He always tries to learn new technological concepts that make his work increasingly specialized and of extreme professional relevance.

In 2000, he specialized and began to act as Web Designer and Web Developer, participating in educational and corporate projects of the most diverse segments, from the creation of websites to e-commerce stores.
From 2011, after completing the Marketing and the Specialization course in Marketing and Strategic Management, he implemented digital solutions allied to business management in the companies he worked for.
In 2015, he created Target Virtual in order to provide solutions in Marketing and Communication to companies.

– Digital marketing; Strategic management; Project management; Google AdWords; Google Analytics; and Business Intelligence.

Beverli Fernades
CFO and Chief Financial Officer

She worked in the financial market as a financial manager in one of the largest textile machinery manufacturers in the country. Graduated in financial management and follower of the financial market focused on crypto-coins, since the emergence of bitcoin.

Fabi Lakis
CPO and Chief Product Officer

In 2010, she completed her bachelor’s degree in Law, by the Damasio de Jesus Faculty. In 2011, she completed her post-graduation in Constitutional Law by the Damasio de Jesus Faculty. In 2012, she finished her post-graduation in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure by the Damasio de Jesus Faculty. She has worked as a Legal Assistant at Lakis Advogados since 2005; Arbitral Judge since 2016; and Investor in BitCoin since 2016.

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