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At CryptoWorld Elite, we understand that learning to invest and trade in the cryptocurrency market is confusing and sometimes a difficult endeavor. CWE serves as a catalyst to help educate, coach and implement income strategies for individuals to engage, learn and prosper from the volatile market of cryptocurrency using our trading platforms.  That’s why we present our training and private online coaching in multiple formats so you can take your training, live or recorded, when you want to, wherever you want to, and at your own pace. We expect that by the time you become comfortable with our coaching and training, you will become a better investor.

Our team has the necessary experience with over 20 years of teaching…not to mention an unmatched and consistent track record with accurate crypto picks in the ninetieth percentile (90%) you need to trade and invest into the cryptocurrency market. Within the framework of CWE, individuals can achieve the benefits of the knowledge and skill of Master Traders. They can gain market share and value through the utilization of our Managed Auto Bot Trading Platform, which automates the daily trading activities that are time sensitive, where and while the owners of the Bot are busy living their daily lives. Our system is designed to give the participant care, custody and control of their own accounts.

Our Affiliate Program makes it easy to create an additional income stream resulting from building a residual monthly income on a limited and/or part time basis.

For those already proficient with trading knowledge and who are already skilled in trading can utilize our Premium Signal Service where we provide hundreds of trading signals each month, also with the same high accuracy rate that our reputations stands upon, using our proprietary system.


M. J. Kelley, President & Founder

M.J. Kelley is one of the most highly recognized cryptocurrency traders in the world. Mr. Kelley started with a $20 trading account and traded his way to over $2,000,000 in profits in less than 18 months. He accomplished this using the proprietary trading strategy that he has taught to thousands of traders around the world.

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