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Global Capital Market Solutions (GCMS) is an independent capital markets education firm. We offer quality training globally.

Since 2008, our firm has assisted individuals and financial institutions in getting the most out of their investment for capital markets education and training. We accomplish this through personalised, high quality teaching and e-learning. We know people are often frustrated by the feeling that they have to make a tradeoff between quality and price for education……GCMS has the solution, it’s a part of our name.

Our proudest achievement has been the results of our students, many have landed jobs at banks or have increased their trading profitability. We have the testimonials to prove it. Our measure of success is the success of our students.

Our diploma course, known for its hands – on approach has attracted a wide spectrum of attendees, from students at elite universities in Denmark, China, Norway and Sweden, to private traders from around the globe: United Kingdom, Brazil, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, South Africa, Singapore, Hungary, Jamaica and the United States.

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