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Introduction to Virtual Rehab’s Chief Mind Technologist – Jean Speville

Introduction to the 2017 & 2018 Nominee for Innovators Under 35 Europe Awards by MIT Technology Review, Jean Speville, Virtual Rehab’s Chief Mind Technologist

Virtual Rehab – Business Overview

Explainer video about the Virtual Rehab solution

Virtual Rehab Advisor Mr. Francois Normandeau Talks About Virtual Rehab

Virtual Rehab Advisor Mr. Francois Normandeau speaks about the importance of Virtual Rehab and the reasons why he joined the Advisory Board

Reclaiming Internet Privacy – The Privum Network

A decentralized network enabling anyone anywhere in the world to reclaim their privacy and Internet freedom without fear of disruption, surveillance or persecution. Secure, peer-to-peer incentivized network, built on blockchain, employing the most advanced cryptographic and stealth technologies.

DataBlockChain DBC Interview with Adam Mittelberg

Interview with Tommy from Crypto Disruption. Check out the video to learn more about DataBlockChain.io.

DataBlockChain at Blockchain Nation Conference, Miami FL

We had the opportunity to spend some time at the Blockchain Nation Conference in Miami, Florida with DataBlockChain CMO Adam Mittelberg and CTO Jesse Brown. We also had the chance to speak with some attendees to get their thoughts on DataBlockChain as well. DataBlockChain.io is a revolutionary data platform that stands to disrupt the way […]

Win Free Bitcoin For The Rest Of Your Life – Participate in the contest

This is not a joke or a scam. In this video I’ll explain you how you can win free Bitcoin for the rest of your life. Just need to guess a number. 100% Free and secure. Watch the video! Please post your guess in the comments section of this video or @ the PT version […]