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Spitball 2.0 – The World’s First Decentralized Student Economy

Spitball 2.0 – The World’s First Decentralized Student Economy, Built on Blockchain. Enabling 1 billion students around the world to exchange content, knowledge and services directly with each other, without costly 3rd-party intermediaries – – disrupting a $150 billion market.

Nebula Genomics – Platform Overview

Our blockchain technology eliminates middlemen and connects data buyers directly with data owners, who store and control their own data. We use privacy-enhancing technologies to keep that data secure when owners choose to share it. And because of this direct connection, consumers can be rewarded for participating in the community and compensated for sharing data.

Interview with Dinis Guarda & JOINto

Dinis Guarda is interviewed about JOINto at the 2018 Crypto summit in Zurich.


Introducing JOINtoEDUCATE. Connect to an educator. He will educate you, your kids, you family….or anyone. Be educated according to your requests.

JOINto – Introduction by the Founders

JOINto co-Founders sat down on the Sofa talking about the JOINto project